Radio Programme Initiative

Radio Programme Initiative

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 12:06

While on air on air, we had an opportunity to talk to and listen to the larger Gusii community through KISII FM 94.1on matters Female Genital Mutilation.

We spoke on the prevalence of #FGM at the start of our project in which Manga Sub-county was and still is amongst the sub-counties with high rates of #FGM.

 We spoke on what we do with women and youth groups and how we engage men in the fight against #FGM.


We however were captured by the still existing myth through the listener's concerns that #FGM regulates immorality in girls and women perpetuated by the older generation who still believe in the practice. This myth is untrue.

Even with the rampant #FGM, there still exist active sexual involvement amongst young girls and even older women. #FGM cannot be replaced with character, upbringing or parenting. It has nothing to do with morals. But proper parenting does.


We advised the listeners, to take more time to talk to their children about morality and sexuality and develop a closer relationship with the children for a conducive environment for the children to share their curiosities and experiences earned through adolescence and peer pressure.

The bible defines a woman's creation as perfect and doesn't at any propose that #FGM be conducted on any woman for sexual control. It's purely a borrowed and misleading culture that harms our girls and creates both short and long term effects on the girls and women.

#FGM as abolished by law through the constitution of Kenya 2010 should be abandoned and replaced with more talk and education to the children.


One of the viewers called for an explanation to the numerous Fistula cases in the Gusii region and questioned the long hours most Kisii women take in labor during child delivery.

This is a common and almost normal scenario among-st the Kisii women. However, most people don't know that it has a great attribute to #FGM. Read-


Amongst many other reasons #FGM should be abandoned.


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