• Collaborative meeting with Nyamira County Government & our donors the International Solidarity Foundation (ISF) ...
  • Meeting with women Groups discussing FGM..
  • Omogwa primary school presenting a dance on FGM...
  • Youth economic empowerment program funded by Heart Africa...
Economic Strengthening Program


Manga HEART knows that the factor that makes persons vulnerable is economic impoverishment. Therefore, at its core operations is the improvement of the community’s economic status. Manga HEART recognizes the role of women in household wellbeing and as such, it has tailored its economic programs to suit the women. The program builds the capacities of families to have sustainable livelihoods through its economic strengthening program. This program strengthens the caregivers’ skills and abilities to meet the needs of vulnerable children in their care. Through its household economic assessment survey, Manga HEART identifies vulnerability levels using households’ vulnerability assessment tool. It then classifies the households into three categories (highly vulnerable, moderately vulnerable and lowly vulnerable)

  • The highly vulnerable households are directly linked to support and cash transfer. Cash transfer refers to funds given from the government kitty through the department of children at the sub-county level to vulnerable persons in society.
  • Moderately vulnerable households are trained on Village Savings and Loans Associations for continuous saving and borrowing for asset growth
  • Lowly vulnerable households are linked to micro finance institutions for micro credit and are trained on modern farming methods (Greenhouse farming and Integrated Kitchen-gardening) to strengthen and subsidize the incomes.

Manga Heart

The manga heart orphan care is a community based organization situated along the kisii-Nyamira road.


Omosocho Market
Kisii, Kenya.
Email : info@mangaheartkenya.org


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