Success Stories

Success Stories

Thursday, 18 August 2016 11:52

Rescue of the OVC from early marriage

Manga heart was able to rescue one OVC girls who was being married. The OVC by the Name Everlyine Nyakundi was a total orphan whose mother succumbed to death while giving birth. The poor child was left under the care of her grandparents who were too old to support her. In partnership with HEAR and Aphia plus western Kenya, the girl managed to be seen through her form four at sironga Girls National school. Upon completion, the minor was taken away by a boy who claimed to be her husband. The parents of the boy advanced him to run away with the girl to Nakuru flower farms where he was working by then. On realizing this the Manga heart Orphan care acted quickly and the mother-in-law wa put safely behind bars and was ordered to produce the Girl (OVC). Surprisingly in the evening, the OVC had arrived from Nakuru.. However, the ovc had secured an identity card under her ‘Husband’ name different from her academic certificates. The OVC was taken back to her grandparents as a plans to change the wrong ID progressed. Right now the girl is in university pursuing her degree in education. She is actually a mentor to other girls.



Production of super heroes in entrepreneurship

Manga heart in partnership with Aphia Plus has trained caretakers on entrepreneurship skills. Surprisingly two among other have emerged to initiate their own business. That is Jane Masagwe and Beatrice. Jane through her own business has been able to educate her four daughters. One of whom has completed her form four level and joined university the others are still schooling in secondary and primary school respectively. She is also a supplier of vegetable in one of the school in manga sub-county. The other lady has also has also started a kiosk where she sells tea, cooked maize, loaves of bread, dough nuts among others. Through the business, she has been able to not only educate her own children but also save some. She has a dream of expanding her business serving as a role model in the community



Production of education champions

Manga heart in partnership with HEART and Aphia Plus has produced champions in education. Through financial support of these parties, many OVC’s have finished their secondary education and have proceeded to tertiary institutions. Some have joined universities, medical institutions while other are in institutes. Soon the organization is go many educated individuals who will inject their effort in national development. There are several ovc who have joined National schools and provincial school. Most of them are working smart and do swear not to fight a losing fight.

Manga Heart

The manga heart orphan care is a community based organization situated along the kisii-Nyamira road.


Omosocho Market
Kisii, Kenya.
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